Frame was engaged by Italian design powerhouse B&B Italia to create a film that captures the beauty and elegance of its iconic Camaleonda sofa.
The team at B&B Italia are committed to creating the most innovative, iconic and timeless design furniture with an uncompromising passion for premium quality.
In terms of Camaleonda, the creative challenge was to highlight the product’s exquisite details such as the seat module, the backrest and armrest, and the characteristic capitonné design, still manufactured today with the innovative system of cables, hooks and rings created by Mario Bellini in 1970 - defining its characteristic look and modularity.
The fundamental characteristic of Camaleonda is its unlimited modularity, a geometric nature that allows one to define their home environment whilst also adapting to an evolving taste and to the dynamic needs of those using it - always maintaining its unique identity.
B&B Italia
Direction / Design / Animation
Sound Design
Nina Liv